Turn Your Mind
Why do you fixate on fear and obsession
Rather than enjoying the breath’s rise and fall?
Do you really believe you will solve all your problems
By banging your head on conception’s wall?

Chorus: Turn your mind toward the infinite wonder
Of impartial love which is offered to all
Rest your mind on the infinite beauty
Of wisdom’s expression and hear your heart’s calling

Don’t lose your way and remain in the darkness
Simplicity’s offer is soft and it’s sweet
Drop your great burdens and rest in the visions
Of Buddha’s bliss form, at your heart are his feet
Like a fish in the water knows not what surrounds him
You seem to believe you are not what you are
Insisting on suffering when freedom is boundless
Clinging to misery will not take you far
Why this confusion, you know of the offer
There’s nothing complex which is hidden from view
Your birthright invites you to dance in the mystery
Yet still you insist you don’t know that it’s true
Stop your complaining, how can you insist
On walking around with a heart like a fist?
The nihilist demon’s a petty companion
And easy to shake but you choose to resist
Why do you always pretend to be starving
When Dharma has offered an unending feast?
So raise high the wind horse and take up the challenge
There's nothing more brilliant than slaying the beast

This life is a dream that is fragile and fleeting
Like waves on the ocean we rise and we fall
The world of appearance can trick and confuse us]
But mind’s open vastness in untouched by all.