Undying Lotus
Kissing the feet which rest in your own heart
The feelings of loving will flow like a river
Filling the pot with the milk of a lion
Boiling it slowly in the fire of delight

Chorus: Bright burns the spirit of the natural woman
Vast is the brilliance of the natural man
Shimmering teardrops of infinite wonder
Fall from the petals of the undying lotus

Like a bee drunk on nectar remains in the lotus
Why travel to strange lands when the nectar is sweet?
Honey delights the bee of discernment
Who enjoys its sweet nectar in deathless abandon
The lover of love knows the secret of secrets
A swan of pure white which floats on clear waters
He enters a doorway that lies hidden to others
And climbs up a staircase made of substanceless light
When the sun rises brightly, the lotus drips honey
While the cool moon is glimmering with nectar’s delight
The milkmaid of wisdom can tell you the secret of
How cream when it’s churning becomes something else
Oh yogi and friend come dance in our garden
Come taste the honey which the bees have all stored
The Guru resides in the taste of the rasa
Like wine which is hidden in the juice of the grape