Collusion With Wonder is a richly textured musical collaboration by a group called Inji, meaning “foreigner” in Tibetan. Inji is a unique blending of east and west, Tantric Buddhist lamas and disciples, professional and non-professional musicians all participating from the common aspiration of their spiritual practice.

The lyrics of these songs are all the profound communication of lamas within the Vajrayana tradition. Most were written by Traktung Rinpoche, though "Scent of the Lotus," originally a poem written by Lopon Orgyan Tenzin, has been adapted to music as well as the moving prayer written by Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche from his book White Sail. Tsochen Khandro wrote the words to "Turn Your Mind" and contributes to the melodies and arrangements of the songs. She also sings on many of the tracks.

The lyrics of this CD are in an ancient style called the doha which finds its roots in the Tantric Buddhism of Bengal. These songs convey the feelings and teachings of the path of inner Tantra. Each song has outer, inner and secret meanings. Vajrayana, Tantric Buddhism, is an esoteric path of radical transformation, and the language of these songs is intentionally oblique so that it will not be indiscrete in revealing delicate aspects of the teachings to those who are uninitiated. The inner meanings are conveyed in a style called Twilight Language and often offer explicit teachings on the most secret aspects of tantric practice for those who can decipher the encoded meanings.


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